Hey beautiful,

Almost two weeks ago I went to incredible Iceland for the first time in my life and I am sure it wasn’t the last one…
My boyfriend and me decided to visit a friend of ours who moved there almost two years ago from Germany and go for a small round trip with him. 
So we slept a night in the capital, Reykjavik(as we arrived at the airport extremely late) and then rented a super cool Range Rover to drive to Pörsmörk and pick Ben up. The way to get there was just awesome. Perfecty untouched nature and lots of rivers we had to cross with our huge Land Rover, which was a great feeling(who would ever think I would cross a huge river by car) and was sooo much fun. We went for a beautiful hike and had the best views ever as nature is almost untouched and as there are almost no trees you have a really long, good view through the ever changing landscapes. 
The next day we first went for a swim in one of their natural, free pools which exists everywhere around Iceland. Afterwards we went for a horse riding trip on Icelandic horses which was incredible fun as none of us rides professionally and there were really interesting ride styles in between you couldn’t stop laughing about. Most of all I was pretty amazed by how fast they actually can run as to my mind Icelandic horses look quite chilled and not too athletic :-) I would definitely recommend that! Later on we drove to the famous triangle tour. We first stopped at the black beach, then went to the waterfalls and afterwards we saw the Geysir. It was all really interesting and looked stunning but at the last stop it was smelling soooo bad due to high concentration of sulphur. The weather was unfortunately not too good as it was mainly cloudy and grey but luckily it almost didn’t rain. But I am sure the pictures below tell you more of Iceland’s breathtaking beauty than I could ever write about… In the evening we arrived back at Reykjavik and went for dinner to The Grill Market where we chose the surprise menue and I can totally suggest to you if you’ll ever get to Iceland’s capital. It is a little expensive but every of our 8 courses was PERFECT :-) (and leave space for the dessert, it is mouth melting)
The next day we went around the capital for little while and then drove to see the peninsula snæfellsness. It is just stunning how nature’s chaining all the time there and how many different landscapes you are going to see when being there. We ended our trip by visiting the famous blue lagoon. As winter was quite long this year it will be „real summer“(which means around 22 degrees and sun- so no middle european real summer ;-) will be starting in 2-3 weeks, but obviously Iceland is a place really worth seeing in winter as well ;-)
Much love

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  1. Leo Owl

    Tolle Impressionen, danke fürs Teilen!
    Island ist momentan Nummer 1 auf meiner Reise-Wunschliste, deine Aufnahmen sprechen für sich! Super!

    1. matiamubysofia

      Danke dir, ja es ist wirklich traumhaft schön, irgendwann werd ich mir den Winter dort mal anschauen :-)

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