The Yacht Week in Croatia

Hey beautiful,

As you could probably see via my social media channels I spent the past week in Croatia with Farina at The Yacht Week and it was just too awesome to describe in words.

I have to be honest- I would have never thought that it would be going to be such an amazing experience as I thought it will be mainly a party trip and I am not the craziest party person but indeed it was just an awesome trip with beautiful spots, the clearest sea, lots of sun, the most delicious food, lots of openminded and happy people and then, last but not least, some good parties as well ;). I have never spent more than a few hours on a boat so I had no clue how this would going to be but it ended up to be great fun for sure!

We shared a boat with two other couples, a hostess that would prepare every meal and snacks for as and a skipper, who was luckily croatian and could get us around perfectly. Soon we realized that our little two-men-crew was probably the best we could have ever imagined – Thank you, Matko and Nicky, for such an awesome trip, for being so caring, fun and lovely!!

We started our trip at the Marina in Split and drove to Hvar for a two day stay. It was incredible seeing so many happy and positive people in such a small place. I would guess it has been around 30 boats(maybe even more, I am quite bad in guessing to be honest) and each boat would have 6-12 passengers so you can imagine how many different people and groups would get together at The Yacht Week only to celebrate life and have fun together. Wow.

At Hvar we went to the HulaHula beach club, which was just a 5 mins boat drive(how great are water taxis btw?:D) and then a 15 mins walk to get there. I also really enjoyed the White Party the next day, which was directly at the boat taxi’s location, so only a 5 mins drive away from our yacht. Unfortunately I don’t know the name of the restaurant anymore but when arriving at the island there is this restaurant on the right side, max 100 meters away, which serves warm cookie dough cookies with ice cream. Insane!
When at Hvar never ever miss out going to Laganini, which is only 5-10 mins walk from the yachts away, and def go for their incredible homemade macaroni with truffles and mushrooms – to die for! There, I would also suggest you to walk down to the beach and hang around a little bit, it is just too beautiful to miss it! Definitely my favourite place of the whole trip.
We continued to Vis and stayed there for another 2 days. In case you want to move a little bit, this is great for going for a little run or just exercising at a small spot f.ex. with a skipping rope. In Vis we went for dinner and an after party at the cutest Fort George where you have an amazing view as it is located on top of the island. An awesome sundowner and a super nice party location. But be careful: The appartely looove champagne showers there(I don’t :D) so try to not be in the middle of the dance floor while there are in rage… :D
Our last dinner was located at the beautiful old castle close to Split where we had a set dinner and the most lovely view, with fire dancers and lots of live music that kind of reminded me of Game of Thrones. 

Just some last tips for you in case you are planning on doing a boat trip or especially The Yacht Week: Don’t bring too many fashionable things, mainly care about some sweet bathing suits and good sunscreen, you’ll spend most of the time on the boat and in the water anyways :) Don’t care about loads of makeup. I put some light makeup on twice in the whole week, after a lil tan and especially because of the heat you will be happy not wearing anything anyways :-)
Also try to only travel light and preferably a soft bag instead of a hard case luggage, as the cabins are quite small and you hardly will find any place to store them. For that reason also be prepared to get to know lots of new people, as everybody is together on a tiny space and most of the people are keen to party a lot :)
Don’t forget some tablets in case you get seasick, sailing can get your tummy in trouble at some point and especially because of the amazing food you will get during the whole ride and also in the evening(again, don’t forget Laganini’s truffle pasta ;)) you don’t want to feel bad, right? :D

Thanks again for this awesome experience,

Lots of love,


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22 Responses

  1. Ich hab dich und Farina die ganze Woche über bei Snapchat verfolgt und das sah so traumhaft aus. Wirklich toll, da muss ich auch mal hin :)
    Farina von Renegade

  2. Joachim

    Och, wie schön das du nen Segeltrip gemacht hast, Segelbootfahren gelernt hast ☺ und viel Spass hattest. Vielen Dank für die schönen Bilder und Snaps.

  3. Chiara

    Wow wie immer ein schöner Post ! :)

    Könntest du mal einen Beitrag zu deinem Lebensstil bezüglich Essen und Sport machen? Würde mich wahnsinnig interessieren.

    Alles Liebe

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  5. Luna

    Das hört sich alles ganz wundervoll an. Und die Bilder sind wirklich unglaublich schön! Willst du mir eventuell verraten woher dieser traumhafte schwarze Badeanzug ist? Den du auf dem Schwan trägst! :)
    Liebste Grüße,

  6. Lene

    I just started to follow you on Instagram, snapchat, and blog You are so beautiful and so inspiring. I love your pictures and I got a “good feeling” everytime I see something from you keep up the good work! Love from Norway ✨

    1. matiamubysofia

      Hey Lene,
      Thank you soo much! Happy that I can produce a happy and positive feeling to some <3
      Have a lovely week

    1. matiamubysofia

      danke dir
      das Oberteil ist forloveandlemons aber das unterteil ist leider ewig alt, keine Ahnung :)

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