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Hey beauties

As I told you via Instagram last week I did a 5-day-juicing-cleanse with “the Frank juice” juices.
Obviously I always try to take care about my health and be aware of my eating habits as my body is my main capital working as a model professionally but I never consequently abstained from particular foods completely. Therefore I was extremely insecure whether I could break up with my normal habits (who doesn’t snack while waiting for something or while sitting in front of the TV in the eve?! ;-) and only drink the homemade juices for 5 days in a row.

Surprisingly it wasn’t neither really hard to resist eating nor did I feel weak or tired at all - far from it, I actually was really active: Although I had 4 jobs in these 5 days I was motivated and fit enough to go to the gym in the afternoon. I just slept a little longer than a did before, 10-11 hours of sleep were perfect but even if I had to wake up super early I felt quite energetic. Moreover I was really fascinated by the freshness of the juices, that were send to me and my boyfriend (who tried the cleanse with me, so it would not be too hard seeing him eating next to me or smelling a freshly cooked meal at home) in two packages - a 3-day-cleanse in the first and a 2-daycleanse in the second package - to guarantee their high quality.

The only “problem” with the juicing is that it is really unsocial in terms of joining friends for a nice dinner at a restaurant, cooking at home or going for a brunch on the weekend. Especially on jobs I didnt feel too comfortable because I was working with teams I haven’t worked with before and had to refuse their breakfast and lunch during work. At least you were allowed to drink any teas or sugar free, natural drinks and as you don’t have to prepare your juices on your own you can just quickly pack them in your bag and carry them with you, so you’re never on your way without supplies.

Seing your body changing from a swollen to a flat tummy js probably the most obvious transformation but I was totally amazed by how sensitive my taste senses got during the cleanse. I didn’t like the red juice in the beginning because I thought it is too bitter and could only taste the beetroot and started to love it on my 3rd day because I began to taste every different ingredient of it… I have to admit that there is an extreme difference between my description of the juices fro  the first to the last day, as I started to taste them way more detailed and loved them at the end. Furthermore I can tell that my skin is now perfectly clean and soft, glowing more than it did before. And last but not least I have to conclude that I didn’t have crazy cravings after my cleanse. I did have an amazing cheating day two days ago in Berlin with friends and adored my way too fatty and sugary pancakes but I am definitely not craving unhealthy and too sweet stuff anymore that extremely!
It is great how you vitalize while drinking all those unprocessed, raw juices.

If you also want to try a cleanse I really hope you see this as a motivation and you’re not too afraid of trying it now anymore. If you have any particular questions about my cleanse or any other effects feel free to text me. As a little gift for showing all this interest and reading through my blog we organized a 10% discount on any “thefrankjuice” purchase with the code “matiamu” until the 22.02.2015 on www.thefrankjuice.com.
No excuses anymore! Fight against your weaker self and feel beautiful from the inside!!

Thanks a lot for this great experience @thefrankjuice and enjoy your own now <3

Much love

These two were definitely my favourite juices. The pineapple-apple-mint one is really fruity and fresh and the date-sesam-cashew-cinnamon-vanilla juice is perfectly creamy and sweet. My two highlights of the cleanse for sure!

The green juice with apple, celery, cucumber, green cabbage, spinach, parsley, lemon and ginger.

One of my favs. Super fresh and fruity. Like the most delicious limonade <3

This yummie sour limo is made out of lemon, turmeric, cayenne pepper and chili

he red juice I started to love at the end is full of delicious veggies: beetroot, carott, apple, lemon and ginger.

And that’s the second of my two favs: The yummie sweet “milk” made out of dates, sesam, cashews, cinnamon and vanilla. Love it!

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  1. Andreia

    wie hast du dich denn direkt nach der Detox Kur ernährt?
    ich habe heut meinen letzten detox-Tag und bin etwas überfordert damit, was ich ab morgen essen soll/darf :D

    1. matiamubysofia

      Hab erstmal nur vegan/vegetarisch gegessen die ersten Tage:) aber ist auch echt lang her, weiß es garnicht so genau

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