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Hey there,

a few weeks ago I had the pleasure to work and stay a bit longer in beautiful Meran in the north of Italy in South Tyrol.
Meran is a beautiful area, surrounded by lots of wineries and mountains, so that you can not only stroll around in the town and enjoy the best fusion food between German/Austrian kitchen, such as Kaiserscharrn and Strudel, and awesome Italian food. I hardly ever satisfied my truffle pasta addiction as easily as here and it hardly ever tasted so good.
Besides enjoying the good weather sunbathing on our hotel’s -Hotel Therme Meran- rooftop or relaxing at its chill out- and sauna area we also explored the area a bit more, wandered around the town and went on both a hiking and a wine tour that I can both highly recommend. 
The hike rewarded us with a stop at the delicious Gompm Alm, where we didn’t only refill our resources(the yummiest way ever) but also relaxed at their hammocks and enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere and the awesome view from the mountains.
Another highlight, as mentioned before, was the wine tour that we did at “Kränzelhof“, a beautiful private winery with lots of arts installations, a maze, really good wines and a mouthwatering dinner. This location and it’s atmosphere is so unique and multifaceted that you just have to experinece it yourself. This is truly a “happy place”.

Furthermore I also had a shooting in the incredible San Luis Retreat Hotel & Lodges, where I shot my two favorite looks of the current Jake*s collection.
I love to combine different looks together to down- or upgrade a certain statementpiece or look and therefore chose those two ones. My absolute favorite piece is the simple bomber jacket and I combined it with some easy sneaker and a plan white shirt to then upgrade it with a ore elegant, metallic skirt and give it a slightly girly twist. 
What is your favorite look?


Bildschirmfoto 2017-08-08 um 16.28.26Jakes_Sofia_1_3014

Jakes_Sofia_Mood_2880 Jakes_Sofia_1_3289 Jakes_Sofia_1_3390Jakes_Sofia_Mood_2892 Jakes_Sofia_1_3713 Jakes_Sofia_2_3787 Jakes_Sofia_Mood_2922Jakes_Sofia_2_3887

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