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Hey there,

So here we go with my second personal post.

As I have been a lot on-the-go the last few months working all around Europe and even flew to Las Vegas for a few days questions about how it is and feels like travelling as a model increased a lot.
Therefore I’d like to give you a glimpse at my experiences with travels for this job and my thoughts about them in general.

As I am constantly on the go, either working for different clients within Germany, where I am based, or going on stay abroad people are often wondering what it really is like and obviously on social media you mainly see the beautiful sides about it.

The thruth is that it really is a double-edged sword as on the one hand you really get around a lot but on the other hand you are mostly travelling alone and just stop somewhere for a really short time which often makes it almost impossible to properly get to know a country or city and even harder to see what it’s people are like.

I think people always imagine you properly exploring the area, almost as being a tourist on vacation, but unfortunately you often just fly to the certain place, work the whole day(often even in a studio), leave either immediately afterwards or might have a dinner with the crew and get back the morning after. Of course that differs from every job and every location but although I usually try to sneak around a little bit you usually don’t have the time to.

Mostly I love the fact that my job makes me be away so regularly as I love to see new areas and people but for me the best type of travelling is to go “on-stay” abroad. That means that your mother agency(mine is Modelwerk in Hamburg, where I am also based) places you abroad(you can often suggest where you’d like to go to and they will tell you whether your type is aked for there and then search for the best-fitting agency there for you). Then you are living there for a pre discussed amount of time(which is usually at least 1-3 months, depending on how far you’re travelling and how fast the market is picking up, which you can, of course, often extend as well).
So then besides your appointments such as go-sees, castings or booked jobs you always can find some spare time to get around the city and explore it properly :-) Especially weekends are often off and so you have the great opportunity to see as much as you can. As you often live in model apartments with other models you can be lucky and have great people around you there, get to know some at castings or, more likely, a job. Additionally sometimes you even already have friends around in the certain city which makes a smooth start even easier.
Furthermore you obviously follow a certain daily routine as you always get appointments from your agency and you also have to care about your own household instead of just sleeping in a hotel for a certain job which makes you quickly feel home.
It is always really fascinating how strange a certain place seems for me in the beginning and how familiar it feels like afterwards.
Instead of only luxurious and glamourous travels it is more a normal daily life models are able to experience in different countries and might have the luck to have an amazing job at some paradisic location or the ability to go for a vacation that is breathtaking and hopefully gives one the time to really go and explore the surrounding.

To my mind it is a really pecious opportunity that job gives one and I am more than happy about having it as you grow so much through both the great travels but also through those days you feel kinda lost and lonely.
Moreover I am extremly thankful to have a really supportive family and friends I have known and been with for many years and can always go back to and lean on. Having people you trust and that believe in you is so important as they give you a base you always feel “home”. Of course my boyfriend is also one of the most important people as he is the one I would always refer to when feeling bad and he would help and push me as much as he can, which is incredibly amazing. It is more than true that home is where your heart is. It’s at my family, friends and boyfriend’s rather than a certain city. 

No matter what age you are, people tend to identify themselves through the people around and their response about them. I really believe that by travelling alone and getting to know so many different areas, cultures and characters you get to know yourself the best and that is the most important thing about all travels. As long as you’ve found yourself you won’t get lost, no matter where and how long you’re wandering.

Much love

Source:Pinterest; Flo&Me by Carsten Witte

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